I finally got my new toy!!!

I got this little fella on sale during those awesome Black Friday deals and I have been waiting almost 2 weeks for it. When it finally arrived, you cannot even understand how thrilled I was. I was ecstatic… I felt like I was on drugs.

I am talking about my brand new toy here guys, the amazing Canon EOS 70D. Its regular price is cca¬†$1,200 but I managed to get it for just $800. Of course, I went for the full package with a bunch of accessories and lenses, that will undoubtedly provide me with the best user experience. So, long story short, as soon as the package arrived, I quickly unpacked it, charged it up, put one of the lenses on and started shooting around. The image quality was outstanding, so much that I could not believe my eyes… In comparison to my old Canon PowerShot SX530, the difference was more than obvious…

Oh good lord, I am so happy with it… I’ll leave this post as it is and go on again into the sunset. Hopefully I will catch a couple more awesome shots by the end of the day!